Email Collaboration Explained

Working together is now easier with our new collaboration feature. Now, up to 5 users can edit an email simultaneously. Collaborators can see changes to their email in real-time, as changes sync immediately. 


User Management 

Users are represented with a circular icon displayed on the bottom of the Email builder screen:



User Editing 

When a user is editing a content block, other users will see the block highlighted in their assigned user colour. Other users will not be able to edit the same block, they'll see something like this pop up in the bottom right-hand corner.


When a user is editing the Email, you are able to see the changes real-time. 


Why Use Email Collaboration?

In larger companies, it is rare that there is one person as a point of contact for all communications. This new feature will allow you to collaborate with colleagues, without all the back and forth meetings and link sharing. Use this feature with our revision comments for real-time collaboration!

How do I enable or disable the feature?

The feature is automatically enabled for all ContactMonkey Internal Comms Users. If you would like to disable this feature, go to your settings and disable the "Email Collaboration" section. Please note only Owners and Admin can do this. 



  • Please note that there is no time limit for how long a user can be on the tool. If you do want to encourage collaboration, we would recommend ensuring users are actively on the tool. If they aren't, recommend that they "Save and Exit" out
  • You cannot edit the same module as another user. A module is defined as a row.
  • The undo feature is greyed out when more than one user is in the email
  • A maximum of 5 users can be on the email 
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