Using Buttons

Buttons are a super-easy way to link to external URLs, intranets, attachments, and CTAs. 

To use a button, simply drag it in from the Content sidebar to the designated spot within the email. 

In this section: 

Link URLs

Link Files

Send Emails

Link URLs:

  • Opening a web page is the default setting for a button, and the content properties area allows you to simply paste a URL to be linked with the button. 
  • These links can be external links to press releases or website articles, as well as links back to your intranet. 
  • Any link embedded within a button will be tracked and displayed in the Best Performing Links section in your analytics report.



Link Files:

  • You can change the behavior of the button to open or link a file, rather than a URL.
  • By selecting the 'Link file' button under the URL address bar, you will be brought to your File Manager where you can link an existing file, or upload a new one from your device. 
  • Clicks to download this file will be tracked similar to any other URL link. 


Send Email:

  • Your button can also be used as a CTA to send an email.
  • By changing the 'Link type' to 'Send email', a recipient field, subject line and body can be pre-populated for when a reader clicks to send an email, as seen below.


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