Sharing Emails via Link

With our latest update, you can now easily share your emails and templates via a link, without ever leaving the ContactMonkey Dashboard. 

  1. Open up your email library.
  2. Next to the email that you would like to share, select the arrow to open up additional options. Share_Email_Actions.JPG
  3. Select "Share Email". A pop up will appear, prompting you to enter your colleague's email. Share_an_Email_Popup.JPG
  4. Within seconds, a copy of the email you shared will show up in the recipient's default team. Please note that the creator will show up as the original creator. 
  5. The recipient will also receive an email confirming the share was successful, and a link to the shared email within their default team. 

What happened to exporting via JSON?

This feature is still possible with our tool. However, we have released sharing emails via a link to make things easier for your team as you collaborate on your branded sends. 

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