Best Practices: File Manager

ContactMonkey’s hybrid file manager feature allows users to toggle between two different file managers; “My Files” and “Team Files”. This toggle option can be activated via the settings page

When to use “My Files”

The “My Files” file manager is an exclusive, private library for every user. My Files is recommended for any users working independently on their email content or those that prefer having a private space to upload their collateral. This allows those users to have full control over the files they upload and have access to. 


When to use “Team Files”

The “Team Files” file manager was designed to allow teams that work collaboratively to have a shareable library of content and documents. This allows all users on the same team to access any files that have been uploaded by another user on the team.

It's best to use "Team Files" file manager for files such as company logos, header and footer images, and any other assets that are frequently used. This can eliminate the need for each team member to upload branded pieces into their personal file manager. 

Using Folders in your File Manager: 

It is best to keep images and documents organized into folders when using the file manager. Start by clicking the folder icon in the top right corner of your file manager, then open your folder to import files using the upload button. By using folders, you can keep the email building process simple and efficient. 

Note: If assets from the file manager are deleted after sending, they will be displayed as broken links and images in your communication.


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