Organizing Your Email Content With Tags

Tags allow you to categorize, sort, and filter emails based on specific criteria, making it easier to find the information you need. Use tags to create customized categories that match your workflow and help you stay organized.

Feature Availability

This article is specific to our Internal Communications tool. Looking to learn more about the Sales Tool? Check out Getting Started With The Sales Tool.

Getting Started

Using tags to organize your email communications in ContactMonkey can help you quickly identify and locate important emails, saving you time and increasing productivity. Tags can be used across multiple features within ContactMonkey, including templates, reporting, email drafts, and scheduled emails.

Permissions note:

Regardless of your permission level in ContactMonkey, you can create, edit, or delete tags for your team. Tags are applied on a team level. You can only control tags for teams that you have permission to access. In order to apply tags to existing emails, you’ll need to have access to those emails. Learn more about permissions.


Create Tags

Tags are created on a team level, not across your organization. If you want to create tags across multiple teams, you’ll need to have access to those teams and then create the tags in each team. 

To create a new tag, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your ContactMonkey account
  2. Click on your display name in the top right-hand corner of the page
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Email Management
  5. Select the team you wish to create a tag for using the selector in the top navigation
  6. In the Tag Management field, enter your tags display name
  7. Edit the color if desired by clicking on the color box
  8. Save your changes 


Apply And Remove Tags From Emails

In order to apply and remove tags from existing or new emails, you’ll need to ensure you have permission to access the emails you wish to edit. Before getting started, we suggest you create your desired tag by following the steps above. Otherwise, you can select the gear icon on the Tags screen to be redirected to the tag creation page.

Tags can be applied and removed on the four tabs within Emails:

      • Email Library
      • Scheduled
      • Sent
      • My Templates

To apply or remove a tag, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your ContactMonkey account
  2. Head to Emails, located in the top navigation bar
  3. Choose your desired page (Email Library, Scheduled, Sent, or My Templates)
  4. To apply or remove a tag from a single email:
    - Select Actions to the right of the email or template you wish to add or remove a tag from
    - Select Apply Tag or Remove Tag
    - Select the tag from the dropdown list

To apply or remove a tag to multiple emails at one time:
- Use the select boxes to the left of the email or templates to select which emails you wish to update with tags
- You can also select all by using the select box at the very top
- Click Actions at the top right of the list of emails. This button turns blue once you’ve selected more than one email or template.
- Select Apply Tag or Remove Tag

Tags applied to emails at any stage will remain applied if they move to another stage. For example, if a tag is applied to a template, it will also be applied to the email when it’s a draft, scheduled, or sent.


Apply Tags To New Emails

Tags can be applied to emails as you’re creating it. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your ContactMonkey account
  2. Head to Emails in the top navigation
  3. Select Create New Email in the top right-hand side of the page
  4. Hit Start From Scratch, or click on the email you wish to work on.
  5. Select a tag from the pop-up that appears:


View, Edit, And Delete Tags

Once a tag has been created, you can change the following characteristics of the tag:

      • Tag name
      • Tag color
      • Delete the tag (which removes it from all emails)

To view, edit, or delete a tag, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your ContactMonkey account
    2. Click on your display name in the top right-hand corner of the page
    3. Select Settings
    4. Select Email Management
    5. Select the team you wish to view tags for using the selector in the top right 

In the Tag Management area, you can:

      • Edit the tag title by clicking in the text box
      • Change the tag color by clicking the color and selecting a new one
      • Delete a tag by clicking the trash bin icon next to the tag and confirming your changes.

Make sure you always hit “Save” after your changes!

🚨 When deleting a tag, it will be removed automatically from any emails or templates it was previously applied to. This cannot be undone!


Filter And Report With Tags

One of the perks of using tags is that it enables you to create customized reporting. For example, using tags for which quarter you sent out an email can help you access data on email performances per quarter.

Within your Reports page, you'll see that you can:

  •  Apply "Email Tag" as a filter
    • Use checkboxes to select your desired tags (this uses OR logic)
  • See a drop-down filter with all of the team’s tags as options
  • Add “Email Tag” as a column to the chart
  • Export your data with Email Tags as a part of the CSV

Learn more about reporting here


Tagging Best Practices

  • Be deliberate with your tagging. We suggest keeping your tag list small, under 15. 
  • Add tags to older emails by filtering by “Created by me” or subject lines, for example, “Weekly send”
  • Keep them short. 
    • A good way to avoid getting too specific with your tags is to make an effort to keep them short. You can always combine tags when analyzing your data using a 'match all' filter, but you can't break them up once they're applied.
  • Develop a standard naming convention for your tag system and share it with your colleagues. It’s best practice to keep your tags to 2 words or less. If you need a longer description for a tag, consider splitting it into multiple categories.

Examples Of Tag Use

Tags are robust and flexible - but knowing how to best leverage them can be challenging! Here are some examples of how we find tags useful with ContactMonkey:

  • To indicate communication types or project types
    Weekly Newsletter, Message from CEO, Benefits Update, DEI, Quarterly Earnings
  • To show approval status
    In Progress, Pending Approval, Approved
  • To assign tasks or responsibilities
  • To expand date reporting
    Month and Quarter tags can expand your reporting options
  • Recipient information like location
    All, North American, Europe, LATAM


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the max character count? Any special character limitations?

Tags have a character limit of 30 characters. There are no special character limits- and we think using emojis in your tags could be a great way to visually separate them!

Can I undo removing a tag from multiple emails?

No, removing tags cannot be undone. Be mindful when updating tags in bulk!

Can I automatically apply tags based on specific criteria?

Not currently. Please pass this request along to your customer success manager or, we’d love your feedback!


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