Send Later on Outlook OWA

ContactMonkey's web add-in for Outlook enables users under the Plus and Enterprise plans to schedule their tracked campaigns. 

To set this up:

  1. Open a New Message in your Outlook inbox. 
  2. Set up your email how you typically would when sending your Merges with ContactMonkey; insert your recipients, subject line and template. 
  3. When everything is ready, select the yellow clock next to the "Send and Track" button.
  4. A drop-down will appear allowing you to select a Date & Time for your email to be scheduled at.
  5. Once selected, hit Schedule and ContactMonkey will push the email for you at the specified time. 

Your computer does not need to be switched on or logged in for the scheduled email to be sent. 

If you would like to cancel your scheduled mail, please see the steps here.

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