Scheduling An Email With Office 365


Scheduling an email to send at a specific time can be a life (and sanity) saver.  ContactMonkey’s Send Later feature allows you to make sure your emails are sent when you need them to, with no stress.

Compose emails whenever you need, and schedule them to send at a time that is convenient for you or your teams.

Does your team work across different time zones? No problem. Use List Management or Distribution Lists to organize your readers by region, and create emails to send to each timezone. Keep in mind that the time you select is based on the timezone in your settings, so make sure you calculate the time difference!

Not using Office 365? Check out our Office OWA or Gmail options.



Getting Started

Create your email within ContactMonkey before scheduling your email with Office 365. Check out Accessing the Email Builder to get started.
Only Team Owners or Administrators can edit content besides their own. You will not be able to edit other Team Member's content. Learn more about Team Member permissions here.


Sending & Scheduling An Email With Office 365

ContactMonkey makes it easy to make sure your communication reaches employees at the perfect time.

Follow these steps to schedule an email with Office 365:

    • Open a New Message in your Outlook inbox
    • Set up your email how you typically would when sending your tracked email with ContactMonkey; insert your recipients, subject line, and template
    • Pull in your email 
    • When everything is ready, select the yellow clock next to the "Send and Track" button.
    • Pick your date & time and click the blue "Schedule" button.



Previewing, Rescheduling, Or Canceling A Scheduled Email

If you need to review, edit, or cancel any emails you have scheduled, that’s easy! Follow these steps:

    • Log into your ContactMonkey dashboard
    • Head to the Emails page 
    • Click Scheduled Emails 
    • Locate the email by searching or clicking on it directly
    • From there, you can view the email, and Reschedule or Delete it as needed




Q: What if I have teammates across multiple time zones? I don't want to email them at 6 am!

A: It's great to think of them! We recommend segmenting your readers by time zone using List Management or Distribution Lists. Then, you can create emails (duplicate your primary to save time!) and schedule those to send based on each time zone. Make sure you accommodate the time difference when selecting the time to send - the time you choose is based on the timezone you have set for yourself!

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