Template Management

Once you are in template view on ContactMonkey, you have several options to customize and organize the templates of you and your colleagues. Read on to find out what the different buttons mean, and our suggestions to get the most out of the tool.

Template View: Your Template

When you create a template, your template may show up like this in the template view:


Template View: A Colleague's Template

By default, your template will go to an "untitled" folder. 
Last Edited
When a template is clicked, that counts as an edit.
Clicking this button will lead to the template builder, where you can make changes to the selected template.
Clicking this will delete your template. Please note that once a template is deleted, there is no way to retrieve it. 
We suggest 'locking' your template to ensure that either you or your colleagues don't accidently delete or edit a template. Keep reading to see what this looks like on your end.
This button allows you or a colleague to replicate the template. A new template will be created with the same title, but ending in copy. In this instance, the new template would be called " Lock, Edit, and Replicate Templates (Copy)" and be shown as created by whoever clicked "Replicate". 


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